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Okay so there’s gonna be days where you feel like completely giving up, where you feel completely worthless and pointless.
You’ve going to think there is nobody you can talk to, nobody that will listen.
You’ll sit in class and hold back the tears whilst everybody else around you is busy laughing and smiling…
You’ll sit there wishing you could just run away.
There will be days that you get home and burst into tears and not stop for hours, you’ll just want the whole situation to end and wish that things could go back to how they used to be or you could at least go back to when everything went wrong and change it all.

Truth is, everybody has these days… Some more than others, granted, but everybody has their difficulties in life and this needs to be understood. When some bodies having a off day be there for them, not everything can simply be hid behind a smile. There’s always somebody out there that you can talk to and that will be able to help:) I just wanted to say, I love you all and keep strong my lovelies

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